Friday, April 27, 2012

Announcement: classes as of today can now be taken online for CLE credits!!

I am excited to announce major improvements to our CLE Program and website.  

As of today, all of our classes can now be taken online for CLE credits!!

And that is just the beginning.  Please read this entirely to see what we have already done and where our exciting plans are taking us next. 

Starting today, we have made the following changes to our program: 
  • We have filmed most of our classes and put them online for you to view any time you want for CLE credit.   Just like with our live classes, we have the set the bar for our online classes very high.  As such, they were all filmed in a controlled film studio in High Definition (HD).   We also made it easy to access the PowerPoints and Class Books while watching online and have included a number of other features to enhance your experience.
  • Once you watch a class you simply type in the codes embedded in the video and your CLE Certificate is instantly available for you to print, save, or download. 
  • We also created a personal account where all of your CLE Certificates will be automatically saved and stored.  You no longer have to print them or save them to your computer.  We have them safe and sound for you to view, download, or print whenever you want.
  • In addition, we created a CLE Credit Manager which keeps track of all of your CLE Credits so you don’t have to.  It works automatically so every time you take one of our classes, live or online, the credits are automatically added to the Manager.  To activate the Manager simply input your Birthdate and Date of Bar Admission and you are all set.
  • Although we want you to take all of your classes with us we recognize that you may have Certificates from other providers.  No problem.  We have made the CLE Credit Manager user friendly so you can upload and add other CLE Certificates and Credits to your account on our site.  In fact, if you don’t want to do it yourself you can e-mail us the Certificate and we will do it for you.
  • And the program is expanding in other ways as well.  
    • First, we will be adding new classes, live and online, every month and then every week.  We are starting with dozens of hours of classes and will expand to hundreds and then thousands of hours of classes. 
    • Second, we are expanding way beyond our initial core focus of Real Estate.  Although we will continue to grow our Real Estate offerings, we plan to expand to every practice area with classes designed for everyone.
    • Third, we are expanding beyond New York.  We are currently getting our classes accredited in New Jersey and then in every other state in the country with a CLE requirement.
    • Fourth, we will be adding interactive webinars and other innovative programs designed for you.
    • We are also hard at work on a number of other innovative features for you.  We are not ready to announce them yet but we believe they will be game changers.
  • Of course, all of the things we are doing require a lot of money and we are spending it on technology, classes, and employees to grow the program.  For that reason we will begin charging an annual fee of $299 per year for our Unlimited Package of Live and Online Classes as well as full access to all of the features of the site.  Or you can pay as you go and buy individual live or online classes for $25 per credit.  And to introduce you to our great CLE program both your first online class and first live class are free!!
  • All of my title insurance clients receive this Unlimited Package and full access to the site for free and nothing would make me happier than to have you become a client.  Reach out to me to discuss this. 
So here is what you do next.  Log onto our new website (still and take a look around.  In order to sign up for classes and to access your CLE Certificates and CLE Credit Manager you will need to create an account.  It is easy, takes just a minute, costs nothing, and does not obligate you to anything.

I hope you enjoy the changes we have made and look forward to growing the program with you!!


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